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Accountable / Reliable

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100$ minimum on a stump. Most estimates are done via text pictures. IF I arrive and stumps are double or triple in size due to misleading pics price may be more BUT I notify homeowner before grinding begins

I tell my customers this. "Quality labor isn't cheap, and cheap labor usually isn't quality." You get what you pay for. "It's just a stump, how hard can it be, or what could go wrong." When the cheap guy skims the stump 4" below grade and you try planting grass, or a tree etc, you're going to be sadly disappointed in the results. I will do everything within my control to ensure my customers are satisfied. If you ever need a stump re ground or a root ground up etc I do not charge you to come back. Thank you for visiting my page and god bless.
About Me

I'm a former Law Enforcement Officer of 7 years who left the force to stay home with my children. After getting a little stir crazy I purchased a stump grinder and never looked back. I love it. It's a fun way to make money and help homeowners remove unwanted stumps from their property. I want every home owner to know that I care about your property and treat yours like I treat mine. I use safety screens to protect homes , cars , boats , rv's etc. DON'T make the mistake of hiring "some guy" with NO insurance, no google reviews etc etc. I am 100% insured and an L.L.C. This industry is filled with people looking to make a quick dollar using rental equipment and no insurance. When that rock gets flung through your living room window I can assure you that "guy" you went with because he was cheap will never be back again to fix things and make it right. I have a reputation to defend and I will never leave a job undone or a homeowner unsatisfied.

Latest News 
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Proud owner of a new Rayco Rg 55 Trac cutter. This upgrade Will allow for drastically quicker stump cuts !


This picture is spot on in terms of the correct way to assess and price a stump. If you aren't willing to pay to have the root flare and exposed roots ground out, dont even waste your money hiring a grinder. Roots and Uprooting are a huge part of correctly removing a stump.

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